wrong1 [ rɔŋ ] adjective ***
1. ) not accurate or correct: INCORRECT:
We must have gone the wrong way.
the wrong answer
a ) not sensible:
Think about this carefully you don't want to make the wrong decision.
b ) used for saying that someone's opinion is not correct:
I thought it'd only take a few minutes, but I was wrong.
2. ) not morally right: UNJUST:
wrong that: The arbitrator decided it was wrong that such actions should go unpunished.
morally wrong: They believe that making money out of prisons is morally wrong.
3. ) never before noun if there is something wrong, there is a problem:
You don't look well. Is anything wrong?
I checked the engine, but I couldn't find anything wrong.
One look at her face told us that something was terribly wrong.
wrong with: There was something wrong with one of the tires.
4. ) not appropriate:
It's the wrong place for such a big industrial development.
wrong for: The colors just look wrong for a room this size.
don't get me wrong SPOKEN
used when you want to make sure that someone understands your comments correctly, especially when you are criticizing something:
Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good school, but they really should get some more up-to-date equipment.
get off on the wrong foot
to start something such as a relationship badly
get on the wrong side of someone
to make someone feel angry toward you
in the wrong place at the wrong time
used for saying that something bad happened to someone because they were not lucky, not because they made a mistake
on the wrong side of something
1. ) if someone gets on the wrong side of the law, they do something illegal and have to deal with the police
2. ) INFORMAL if someone is on the wrong side of forty, fifty, etc., they are older than forty, fifty, etc.
what's wrong? SPOKEN
1. ) used for asking someone who looks sick or sad to tell you what problem they have
2. ) used for asking why something such as a machine is not working
3. ) used for asking someone why they do not approve of something you are doing
the wrong way around
with one part or side in the position where the other part or side should be
wrong 2 [ rɔŋ ] adverb *
in a way that is not correct:
Someone had tied the rope on wrong.
get something wrong
to make a mistake about something:
The police got the name wrong and arrested an innocent man.
go wrong
1. ) used when something stops working:
When anything went wrong with the engines they called for Murdoch.
2. ) used when a problem happens and causes the failure of something such as a relationship or a business:
It's difficult to say when it all started to go wrong.
you can't go wrong SPOKEN
1. ) used for saying that a particular thing will always be appropriate or successful:
you can't go wrong with: If you want good weather, you can't go wrong with Spain.
2. ) used for talking about situations where you are certain someone will not make a mistake:
If you stay on the highway, you can't go wrong.
wrong 3 [ rɔŋ ] noun *
uncount behavior that is morally wrong or that breaks a rule:
do wrong: Anyone who does wrong will be punished.
right and wrong: Small children do not know the difference between right and wrong.
a. count used about a particular action or situation:
There were disagreements over the rights and wrongs of sex education.
someone can do no wrong INFORMAL
used for saying that someone is regarded as perfect by other people, although you may not agree with this opinion
do someone wrong
to treat someone in an unfair or cruel way
in the wrong
someone who is in the wrong has made a mistake and deserves the blame for it
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wrong 4 [ rɔŋ ] verb transitive FORMAL
to treat or judge someone in an unfair way

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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